Low Cost Car Hire in Italy

Low Cost Car Hire in Italy

Touring Italy by car has the potential to reveal a wealth of unforgettable memories formed by romantic escapades and culinary adventures. Low cost car hire in Italy is an affordable way of getting the best that Italy has to offer at your own pace, without the limitations of a tour guide and without breaking the bank.

The Wonders of Italy by Car

Exploring Italy by car is surely one of the most rewarding experiences to be had in the country as you can steer the winding roads through marvellous scenic villages and along the Amalfi coast on Cliffside roads. Driving in Italy opens up destinations inaccessible to other tourists such as glorious little rural villages not on the radar for most conventional holiday makers. Taking advantage of cheap car hire in Italy puts you in the unique position of being able to design your own itinerary and spend as long as you like at each attraction.

Places to See by Car in Italy

Travelling with a car in Italy makes it possible to see such attractions as the river and painted caves in far flung corners of this beautiful country such as the Grotte di Pastena. These sites are hard to reach without a vehicle and you can buy a ticket at the entrance which is costs just EUR 7 for adults and EUR 4 for children apart from the under five year olds who enter free.
Naples by car is an exuberant experience with the many boutiques, restaurants, bars, churches, ruins, museums and galleries all competing for your attention. The rich culinary excellence offered in Naples is evident in the original Neapolitan pizza which you can feast on with all its authentic flavours. Pompeii is also a very popular attraction very close to Naples and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This partially buried site offers an exciting past with battles, volcanic eruptions and stages of development far ahead of its time.

Accommodation Options in Italy

Italy has every standard of accommodation imaginable, from family run guest house with authentic Italian dinners home cooked by the lady of the house, up to 5 star hotels with all of the panache one would expect from such an opulent culture. Prices for the same accommodations can vary considerably between different points of sale so make sure you carry out adequate research before making your final decision. Why not compare and confirm the best accommodation rates at the same time as finding low cost car hire in Italy to make sure that you get the best savings.

Should I Book my Car Hire before Travelling to Italy?

It is always better to confirm the lowest car hire rates in Italy before you leave your country of origin as this is the best way to achieve the lowest rates. You can compare most of the reputable low cost car hire companies in Italy right now from the comfort of your own home until you find the price and the car that is right for you.